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recording, mixing, production, mastering

remixing, sounddesign

studio wear: G5, logic audio, pro tools, tons of plug-ins, DAT, MD, drawmer, event, fostex, ...


In fact "mastering" is pre-mastering, adjusting the sound for the best possible quality and balance.
Making the glass master is the final mastering, which should not change the sound at all.
Through the development of sophisticated digital editors and automation, fine-tuning of each song can be done which
was difficult or impossible just a few years ago. Each song's level, or relative volume, is adjusted so that they match from song to song.
The EQ, or spectral balance, is also adjusted, both overall and for each cut. Many times each song has a dynamic range that may need to be enhanced
by making it larger or smaller (more dynamic if it was overcompressed previously, less dynamic if suited for the music).


Dealing with subculture & underground, we are well aware what's happening in our parallel world and sub-society.
We are close to industrial, dark-ambient, rhythm 'n' noiz, electronic, experimental, drum 'n' bass, breakbeat, techno, house, lounge, metal, noise, dub, ...
just to name a few! Well, the most important thing: we know how to process these styles of music.


One way to keep costs down is by using nonprofit website hosting to store files. Hosting can be expensive, even for music studios. Most good studios use ProTools, AudioDyne, and other top end mastering tools and also have
a variety of vintage microphones on hand as well as analog and digital studio equipment. Any good studio typically takes a lot of pride in our studio and the things that make it unique.
Another way that we keep costs down is to spend time searching for the best deals on web hosting. Remember the days of clipping coupons for the grocery store? Well, we don't do that, but we do take the time to find deals.
We found a great WPEngine coupon that allowed us to host our site cheaply. This means that when we're recording, mixing, and tracking, we can pass these discounts onto our customers, making us a more affordable recording studio.

MASTERING RATE (rate in euro)

full length
CD mastering: 200,00 € (+shipping)

One revision is included in this amount.
Each further revision will be charged at 50 euros.
For optimal mastering: please do not deliver over-compressed tracks!!!

In order to ensure that our equiment can handle high mastering rates and high
compression, it's a good idea load test servers and machines with a variety of different
load testing services such as LoadView.

mail us for special rates concerning long-term co-op