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This is the final step in the recording process. it's the little things that make a big difference in this process.
We carefully listen to the program material, and decide on what the best process is for broadcast.
We add equalisation, compression, correct phase problems, smooth out bad fades and adjust volume of each track.
The process never leaves the digital domain.


¬ disable any effects on the stereo output, no compressors, EQ, limiters or whatever on the stereo mix. we only need your finished stereo mix .

¬ provide us a stereo mix of the finished song using the bounce function in Logic / Pro tools or export function in Cubase / Nuendo.
The preferred peak is around –6 / -8dBFS.

¬ burn a copy of the songs as a data session (.wav or .aiff file 16 or the prefered 24bit).

¬ provide us a tracklist with songtitles, tracktimes, ...

¬ having specific preferences for the processed material, provide us a separate sheet with your requirements.

¬ we deliver 2 red-book reference CD-Rs ready for duplication.

mail us for specific questions.